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Product Report: "#IV-3"

SOMATICS MAGAZINE, VOL. IV, #3 (Autumn/Winter 1983-84)
by Editors: Thomas Hanna (dec.), Eleanor Criswell
Novato Institute #IV-3

Qty: Magazine
at $7.50 each

CONTENTS: Gerda Alexander Interview, David Bersin; Megavitamins: The Read & Write Pills, Robert Buckley; Electrodermal Biofeedback for Peak Performance Training, Erik Peper & Andrea Schmid; Kerry Franklin Poetry; Doing Bodywork as a Spiritual Discipline, Roger Pierce; Asian Body Philosophies and the Martial Arts. Indian Concepts of the Body, Frits Staal; Chinese Martial Art: Bridging the Gap Between East & West, Richard Schmidt; Systems in Conflict: Postural Relfelx and Postural Dysponesis, Roger Tengwall

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