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Welcome to Somatics Educational Resources, your primary source for information and resources in the field of Somatics, Hanna Somatic Education & Training® (or Hanna Somatics), The Novato Institute for Somatic Research and Training, the work of Thomas Hanna, Somatics Magazine-Journal of the Mind/Body Arts and Sciences, Equine Hanna Somatics® (EHS), Somatic Yoga, the work of Eleanor Criswell Hanna, and much more of interest to students, professionals, and clients in the somatic health field, as well as all persons interested in the mind/body field.

Thomas Hanna, Ph.D. (1928-1990), was a philosopher who became a Functional Integration practitioner, and later developed Hanna Somatic Education® or Hanna Somatics. Thomas Hanna created the word "somatics" in 1976 to name the approaches to mind/body integration, and his new magazine, Somatics Magazine-Journal of the Mind/Body Arts and Sciences, which published its premier issue in Autumn 1977. Since its inception, the field of Somatics has grown by leaps and bounds, both in the number and variety of somatic disciplines, as well as the increased awareness and appreciation for working with the mind/body as a somatic whole by the general public.

You will find listed here a variety of study materials, training and teaching resources that are invaluable as an aid to better health, movement and overall well-being. Our Somatics Catalog offers hard-to-find educational resources for everyone, from layperson to professional, that enable you to increasingly become your own somatic educator. Please call us (415)892-0617, fax us (415)892-4388 or write to us at: Somatics Resources, 1500 Grant Ave. #228, Novato, CA 94945 USA and we will send you the complete Somatics Catalog, containing a list of all Somatics Magazine-Journal back issues as well as:

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Somatic ExercisesTM with Eleanor Criswell Hanna
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With Eleanor Criswell Hanna
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